Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Cave Art Animation

Hi my name is Harlyn and this is my cave art animation.

Long long ago here once lived some cavemen who were attacked by a dinosaur. The dinosaur chased the cave man out of the cave. Luckily the whole tribe of cavemen came with their spears and weapons to fight the dinosaur.Then they threw their spears at the dinosaur then the dinosaur fell to the ground like it was dead so the leader of the cavemen stepped forward. But then the dinosaur stood back up and stomped on the ground witch made a crack in the ground making the leader fall down.Luckily it also made a rock fall down hitting the dinosaur on the back.Now the dinosaur was dead and they were safe.

The end  

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Sponge throw

Walt:To write a successful recount

When I woke up I never expected that I was going to be soaking my teacher.You are probably wondering what i'm talking about well you will have to read on to find out.

So it all started like this Mr Goodwin said we were going to do something fun today and he was right.So we had no clue what it was until he asked one the students in my class to go grab a bag from Mr Somevills office. When she came back there was a towel some flippers and a snorkeling mask in the bag.I thought we were going swimming or something like that until he told us to lineup then go to the bottom field were there was nine buckets with one sponge in each one and three chairs.When we got down there Mr Jacobson and Mr Somevill told us to sit down then told us what you could call the game they said soak your teacher wet your teacher I was so excited.

We all lined up behind the buckets all looking happy that we could wet are teachers.Then we looked at the teachers all three of them were getting into swimming gear about to sit on the three chairs.Now they were all seated then we called the people who were throwing the sponges executioners.Then the first three at our lines lined up ready to throw get ready set throw instantly all three through the sponges but most of them missed well then the next three mostly missed same as the next three but then it was my turn.Ready set go I got Mr Goodwin right by his heart nearly hitting his neck but after a few turns one of the boys hit him in his face and another hit him right were I should’t say well then it was one of my friends turns he missed but then squeeze the sponge straight on top of Mr Goodwin's head But now it was the end.

But there was three people from each class who wet their teacher the most those nine where going to get chocolate but Mr Somevill forgot them so instead they got to pour the whole bucket of water on there teachers head.The teachers must of felt miserable after that cold water going all over themselves.Well now then we all walk back to class extremely happy I think this was one of the best days ever.

I think this was very fun indeed especially the part where we got to wet are teachers.Overall this was very fun this was so cool but we are probably never going to do this again so i'm kind of disappointed but this was very fun.

Task description for this task we had to write a recount for a test and it was about  getting to throw sponges at our teachers.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Start of term 4

Walt: use correct sentences to help structure our writing.

Ugh the holidays have ended no more staying up late playing fortnite and watching tv. But I am still excited about this term because we are going to be doing so much especially since it’s the last term.But I am still not so happy about it being school again but it’s a pretty short term and the last days are always the best.

Well how I was saying earlier how this term was going to be exciting you would want to know what is so exciting. well this term we are doing year 6 camp athletics prize giving manaiakalani film festival and this term we are focusing on art.

Well for this term I've got to have some goals.Well my goals for this term are I want to do my best on athletics and try to come at least in the top 5 of something because last year I got real close.Also try do a lot at camp so I don’t get bored and I might learn something new.

For this term I want to learn how to paint better and get better at drawing.Or basically learn how to do art because this term is all about art.Also I want to learn about famous artists.

I am so excited for this term.This term there is a lot on like camp athletics manaiakalani film festival art,I also have my 2 goals to do my best at athletics try do a lot at camp,and I want to learn a lot about art.Over all this could be the best term.       

Task Description
For this task we wrote about what we hope to learn this term and what it's about.We also learned how to write a proper conclusion.Also this task was not to hard but not to easy apart for the conclusion that was pretty easy but overall this task was okay.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Decimals place value

Walt: use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems.

Task Description For this task we had to figure out were to put these numbers in the right place using place value.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Words per minute

Task description For this task we had to see how many words we can write in a minute.Then we had to figure out how to make a graph.Then we figured out how to put it into a form of a graph.The most offten place were people scored was 11-30 also  my score was 18. 

Monday, 10 September 2018

Personal trainer

Walt: solve problems using Ratios

Task Disc


Walt: understand the text from the perspectives of the characters

Task diescption  for this task we had to figure out what these words mean and put them in a sentence

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Fangs the squeal

Walt: write quality blog comments.

Task Description in this activity we had to figure out what the characters was thinking in this story.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Monster Descriptions

Walt: write quality blog comments.

Task description I might finish this another time.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Who gets invited

Walt: solve problems using Ratios
Task Description In this activity we had to put numbers in the right box using multiplication   

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Cleaning up the comunity

Image result for cleaning up rubbish imagesWalt:structure a recount

Today we did something fun with rubbish.we were going to see who could pick up the most rubbish with their group but it was also for a prize.does your class pick up rubbish in their community or school?

So when we were in class Mr Goodwin told us that we were going down to the reverse with some black bags.At first we didn't know what we were really doing until we saw a bit of rubbish.Then we knew we were picking up rubbish and then we started getting into groups of six we were lucky we got seven.

But when Mr Goodwin said that there was a prize we really wanted to win.Then Mr Goodwin said the prize was 10m of cool maths games And I really wanted to play games instead of learning.We got inlines I was feeling really excited.

Ready set go!!! We ran to even the most yuckiest of rubbish i think I picked up a banana peel with half a really yucky banana in it.But I really wanted to play games so I kept picking up rubbish,and are bag had bit of rubbish in it but then the whistle blew.We went back to Mr Goodwin and he said to do this other area which was pretty clean until we found two alcohol bottles witch smelled really bad.

At least that area was done fast because there wasn't much rubbish there so, Mr Goodwin blew the whistle again and we came in then he told us that are field was more messy than out here so our last stop was our field.Then again we all ran to get the rubbish and guess what, I found about 9 chip packets 3 milk canteens and a half eaten sandwich behind the trees.But since there was so much rubbish there we got way more rubbish but again the whistle blew for judging.

When we got there Miss Haare was the judge.So we all sat down in lines in our groups and I felt like my team was going to win because we had so much rubbish.Then she started judging the thirst group was okay, we were next we were really good then the, next group was okay to but then next group had bark in it so it was not good then the, fifth group I think had jandals which wasn't good either.So the winner was our group and I was really happy that we won and we could play cool math games.

My group filled half of a rubbish bag up.I never knew picking up rubbish could be fun because it was a competition.I think this was fun even though it was just tidying up the school field and the reserve.Task Description:On Monday we had to pick up rubbish for a prize which was actually quite fun.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

assemble recount

Today was the first day back of term 3 and we had an emergen assemble.The assembly we had was about our terms videos,demonstrations of our getting fit or living a healthy lifestyle themes.Does your school do this?

Our school theme name is move your body.I think this means we might be doing exercise so we get more active.Or eating,drinking healthy or going to bed earlier to get more energetic.
What i think our terms theme is making fitness fun.Also i thought that our movie was about having fun while staying active or make new games to keep active.

I hope to learn about how to get healthier lifestyle or how to get fit faster.Or maybe do some exciting energetic exercise outside or do more s ports.If you had hope to learn about something related to this what would it be?

What i think about this term is that it's going to be really fun because we might go out and do a lot of running,sports,exercise.also there's cross country coming up to and i'm excited for that too Would you be excited for this?

What's the time

Mini minutes

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Chicago writing

Mr Goodwin sat down to order his first Deep Dish Pizza. Only the chef had something different in mind for Mr Goodwin’s pizza. Instead of the usual ingredients like cheese, tomato, and ham. The Chef instead used a super cheese which could witch could fill a whole family of 10 for a week for breakfast lunch and diner maybe even for desert.The second ingredient was a sauce that is so good when you take one bite it was irresistible to not eat it. 

So when it was fresh out of the oven and it was placed on Mr Goodwin's table when he gazed at it he smelled the scrunches a roamer in a split second he had there was a big crunch then as he digested it he blow up like a balloon hew was so big he looked like gigantic beach ball. But then it was too much of the sauce so it made Mr Goodwin shrink but his body was still fat but what was very bad was that he was wearing orange clothes and now he's got black oil stains that looked like basketball lines to so he looked like a basketball. He tried to tell the chef but the chef could not hear him.

Mr Goodwin was so annoyed by this mostly because a bunch of kids are chasing him because he looked like a basketball but he was saved by someone. But what was really strange is why he would get saved by someone who is into a basketball stadium.But then when they got out of the shadow it was Michael Jordan.

They were just starting to have a games of basketball Mr Goodwin was getting thorwin bounced and everything the basketball game went on for an hour when the game was finished so surprised that he got picked up by michael jordan he went back to that pizza shop.

When he got back he was furious but this is what the chef herd squeak squeak squeak the chef thought he was a mouse so he thought some pizza on the street lucky that pizza made Mr goodwin big again but it tasted so disgusting because it was made out of old cheese expired 15 years ago dead fish dead rats a giant spider egg a live snake a expired 36 year old egg with chicken feet and a 100 year old persons toenails.

                                                                        THE END

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Reviewing a game pixel Quest

Name of Game: pixel quest
Link to Game:
How do you score/ win: you have to go threw the obstacles to get to the door
Difficulty: 5/10
Fun: 2/10

Description:This game is like a exploring game where you have to get treasure and you have to go through levels to find more.

The 3 things that I like about it is that there is treasure .It's got a dashing move.And he's got a double jump.

Way more levels a bit more moves.Other people that can have different things.

I wouldn't recommend this for a friend because it isn't really cool or fun.

Reviewing jack smith

Name of Game: Jacksmith
Link to Game:
How do you score/ win: ? You have to defeat monsters.
Difficulty: 4/10
Fun: 9/10

Description:What you have to do is make weapons for people so they can defeat monsters also collect loot or stuff for weapons.sometimes if you have enough gems you can buy parts also when you pass a certain amount of levels you can go to a new place.

In jack smith you have to craft weapons for people so they can defeat monsters.If you defeat the monsters there is a chest but use your mouse or keypad to get loot plus if you pass levels you can earn other weapons so you can get more customers, also there is different materials and parts for weapons also I really like the animation.

Maybe if you could level up or improve the weapons with stuff like xp. Maybe you could level up the peoples stats like make the people stronger.

For my friends they really like this game you and your friends like it to so I would recommend it for a friend.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Mario facts

Mario is a character that's been in a lot of games before like donkey Kong but in donkey Kong his original name was jump man but now his name is Mario. This is how he got his name Mario is because one day the jump man makers were thinking of a name then a plumber named Mario came in then it hit them they named jump man Mario. But do you know how Mario looks like a plumber his old real job was being a carpenter if you do not no what carpenter means it mean someone how repair or make wooden walls.

Have you ever wondered how old Mario games are well there were 25 years of main Mario game and Mario is 33 years old.But now he is in a lot of games on phones computers and Nintendo's but loads more now. Another thing now is the graphics are way better so is some of the controls.

These are going to be about the games these facts as I said Mario been in a lot there are lots of different facts like Princess Daisy is princess of Sarasaland .But in some other Mario games there are glitches like invisibility double jumping going super fast and not getting hurt.

 I drew this

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Matariki day

  • On Friday It was matariki day one of the best days to go to school. Because you get to choose out of 4 things to do so what's at the the top you are mostly going to get that what's at the bottom is the least likely you will get it.The four choices were sport Movie making craft cooking I went sport craft movie making then cooking.

  • But I got put in craft I really wanted to be in sports because its super cool.In my group The people that I Know was my cousin lincoln and my little sister.In craft soon we had to paint some rocks.

  • It was time to paint our rocks I did a pattern on my rock.After that rock I got a few more rocks to paint my name on them.After morning tea we made matariki triangles and circles We had to platt the Circle or triangle.Me and lincoln were in a group.

  •  We got a triangle then we platted the it.After We were done platting it was time to go to the hall and finish matariki day.When we got in the hall we had to sit down in our groups.

  • At assembly we had to get out something that we made or they will show a movie of what they did.What I thought of matariki day was that was okay it would be better if I was in sports with more of my friends.But what I liked was that I was with one of my cuzens.   

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Thank you letter

Dear Mr Somerville

Thank you for those fun games and lollies that were awarded to the winning team.Another thing to say thank
you for is the slip n slide. And organised stuff when Mr Goodwin was not there.And helping with the
mangedai pools.


 But here is one of my highlights it is the mangedai pools.Because that it was nice and cold. And it was
so fun swimming in the water.

Another highlight was kayaking.Because me and Isiah T were on a double kayak but we were getting
pushed away because of the strong waves.Then Mr Burt told us to come back but we couldn't get back
to the shore but we were to late we got a very long turn but we finally made it back.

Thank you again Mr Somerville for all your help at the y 6/5 camp and all the fun stuff that you organised.
I hope you have a nice week.

                           Sincerely Harlyn

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

putting units in the right place

Walt:understand different measurement units

Task Description 
For this task we are learning to measure and place cm mm m km in the right place.   

Thank you letter

Room 7
Pt England School
12 March, 2018

Dear Mr Somerville

Thank you for those fun games and lollies that were awarded to the winning team.Another thing to say thank you for is the slip n slide. And organise stuff when mr Goodwin was not there.And helping with the mangedai pools.


         But here is one of my highlights it is the mangedai pools.Because that it was nice and cold. And it was so fun swimming in the water.

        Another highlight was kayaking.Because me and isiah t were on a double kayak but we were getting pushed away because of the strong waves.Then Mr Burt told us to come back but we couldn't get back to the shore but we were to late we got a very long turn but we finally made it back.

       Thank you again Mr Somerville for all your help at the y 6/5 camp and all the fun stuff that you organised. I hope you have a nice week.

                           Sincerely Harlyn

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Egg friends

Have you ever had to take care of an egg.Mr Goodwin gave us a egg he gave us a vivid to draw a face
on it.We all chuckled so hard.But Mr Goodwin was not we all drew a face on a egg.
when we were all done we lined up outside.By then I named my egg his name was Dave We started to
walk past some of the clases. As we walked past the clases some of the kids came out. The kids
thought it was weird holding an egg with a face.But we don't care. So we kept walking Mr Goodwin told us
that we had to cradle the egg.We were walking we got close to the park.We were so nervous when we
got to the park.We got in to groups of 4-5 I was in a 5. We lined up in our groups and took a photo in each
group then we ran through the park.I felt nervous.Were holding our egg in one hand and one helping us
\ get through the park. Some of us were cracking our eggs then I dropped my egg but I leaped to catch it.
I was so relieved  that I made it through.This eggsperience was so fun I want to do this again. You should
ask your teacher to do this. Because it's super fun.

People who dropped there egg                                                                                    me with my group

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The race for the gold medal

Walt:understand how to read 24 hour time.

Task description
For this task we are doing the gold medal and it,s about time.

Friday, 16 February 2018

will it get polluted in the future?

Walt:use what we already know to make meaning within a story.

Task Description
This task is about if it will get polluted in the future. we edited a picture as an example of what we think that is going to happen also we write a postcard to one of friends to describe this place. My friends that I picked was Toby. 

Thursday, 15 February 2018

The race for the bronze medal

Walt:build a stronger knowledge base around time.

Task description
for this task we are doing another bronze medal for math and time.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

silver medal for time

Walt:build a stronger knowledge base around time

Task Description this is the silver medal and it's related to The bronze medal for time and 

Learning to tell time.

Monday, 12 February 2018

The bronze medal for time

Walt:use what we already know to make meaning within a story.

Task Description
For this task my class had to do this bronze medal task it's related to learning to tell the time  but this is just the bronze level but different.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Learning to tell time

Walt: build a stronger knowledge base around time.

Task Discretion
For this task we had to learn to tell the time better. we wrote the analog, digital, and written forms of time. We also got to attempted bronze silver and gold.I got up to silver.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Helping Hand

Offering a Helping Hand

If i was alive in the 1930's i thought off these ideas that i would of done to help these families.

1. Look for lots of jobs and with that money buy some of the things that the family needs and donate that to them.

2. Organise a event maybe a play or singing stage show and sell tickets that could help get money to the families that need it.

3.Make some artwork and try and sell it

Dealing With Stress

Dealing With Stress

If i feel stressed i like to go and play outside or go for a walk that always makes me feel happy.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Crossing The Tasman Poem

Southern Cross

Here we go no radio to say 'hello'
just us 4 aboard the Southern Cross
Will we make it or are we losted?
Feeling proud and happy,safe and thankful
when we got off the 
Southern Cross...

Art Deco

I rate the painting a 5= amazing painting because its look very life like especially how the car is painted it looks very shiny and real i also like the colours used too.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Silent Movie The Loins Cage

After watching the silent movie The Loins Cage this was the first time i had ever seen a silent movie like that before especially being in black and white,it was quiet interesting and different you really had to pay close attention and watch what the facials that the people were doing.
The movie was about a man that had by accident walked into a loins cage and then got himself locked in there the loin is asleep so he had to try not wake it while trying to get the attention of a lady to help him then he was trying to impress her also.
I don't really think i would enjoy watching a silent film because i really like watching movies with words and music.

Friday, 5 January 2018

In Flander Field

After reading the poem "in Flanders Field' i felt a little sad that  a lot of our ANZAC soldiers lost there lives in World War 1, but i also felt and visualized a field fulled with poppies and crosses that seem peaceful for the fallen soldiers who had died.

The Right to Vote

The Right To Vote

I feel that it was very unfair not letting the women of Saudi Arabia vote until they changed there laws to allow the women to vote in 2015 because we are all human and should be treated as the same as men and women.It is good that they have realized this and allowed women to vote.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey week 2 day 1

Beauvais Cathedral

This is The Cathedral of Saint Peter of Beauvais  it is a Roman Catholic Church located in the north of France in a town called Beauvais.
The Cathedral started being built in 1255 and was completed in 1272