Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Start of term 4

Walt: use correct sentences to help structure our writing.

Ugh the holidays have ended no more staying up late playing fortnite and watching tv. But I am still excited about this term because we are going to be doing so much especially since it’s the last term.But I am still not so happy about it being school again but it’s a pretty short term and the last days are always the best.

Well how I was saying earlier how this term was going to be exciting you would want to know what is so exciting. well this term we are doing year 6 camp athletics prize giving manaiakalani film festival and this term we are focusing on art.

Well for this term I've got to have some goals.Well my goals for this term are I want to do my best on athletics and try to come at least in the top 5 of something because last year I got real close.Also try do a lot at camp so I don’t get bored and I might learn something new.

For this term I want to learn how to paint better and get better at drawing.Or basically learn how to do art because this term is all about art.Also I want to learn about famous artists.

I am so excited for this term.This term there is a lot on like camp athletics manaiakalani film festival art,I also have my 2 goals to do my best at athletics try do a lot at camp,and I want to learn a lot about art.Over all this could be the best term.       

Task Description
For this task we wrote about what we hope to learn this term and what it's about.We also learned how to write a proper conclusion.Also this task was not to hard but not to easy apart for the conclusion that was pretty easy but overall this task was okay.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Decimals place value

Walt: use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems.

Task Description For this task we had to figure out were to put these numbers in the right place using place value.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Words per minute

Task description For this task we had to see how many words we can write in a minute.Then we had to figure out how to make a graph.Then we figured out how to put it into a form of a graph.The most offten place were people scored was 11-30 also  my score was 18. 

Monday, 10 September 2018

Personal trainer

Walt: solve problems using Ratios

Task Disc


Walt: understand the text from the perspectives of the characters

Task diescption  for this task we had to figure out what these words mean and put them in a sentence