Thursday, 16 August 2018

Cleaning up the comunity

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Today we did something fun with rubbish.we were going to see who could pick up the most rubbish with their group but it was also for a prize.does your class pick up rubbish in their community or school?

So when we were in class Mr Goodwin told us that we were going down to the reverse with some black bags.At first we didn't know what we were really doing until we saw a bit of rubbish.Then we knew we were picking up rubbish and then we started getting into groups of six we were lucky we got seven.

But when Mr Goodwin said that there was a prize we really wanted to win.Then Mr Goodwin said the prize was 10m of cool maths games And I really wanted to play games instead of learning.We got inlines I was feeling really excited.

Ready set go!!! We ran to even the most yuckiest of rubbish i think I picked up a banana peel with half a really yucky banana in it.But I really wanted to play games so I kept picking up rubbish,and are bag had bit of rubbish in it but then the whistle blew.We went back to Mr Goodwin and he said to do this other area which was pretty clean until we found two alcohol bottles witch smelled really bad.

At least that area was done fast because there wasn't much rubbish there so, Mr Goodwin blew the whistle again and we came in then he told us that are field was more messy than out here so our last stop was our field.Then again we all ran to get the rubbish and guess what, I found about 9 chip packets 3 milk canteens and a half eaten sandwich behind the trees.But since there was so much rubbish there we got way more rubbish but again the whistle blew for judging.

When we got there Miss Haare was the judge.So we all sat down in lines in our groups and I felt like my team was going to win because we had so much rubbish.Then she started judging the thirst group was okay, we were next we were really good then the, next group was okay to but then next group had bark in it so it was not good then the, fifth group I think had jandals which wasn't good either.So the winner was our group and I was really happy that we won and we could play cool math games.

My group filled half of a rubbish bag up.I never knew picking up rubbish could be fun because it was a competition.I think this was fun even though it was just tidying up the school field and the reserve.Task Description:On Monday we had to pick up rubbish for a prize which was actually quite fun.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

assemble recount

Today was the first day back of term 3 and we had an emergen assemble.The assembly we had was about our terms videos,demonstrations of our getting fit or living a healthy lifestyle themes.Does your school do this?

Our school theme name is move your body.I think this means we might be doing exercise so we get more active.Or eating,drinking healthy or going to bed earlier to get more energetic.
What i think our terms theme is making fitness fun.Also i thought that our movie was about having fun while staying active or make new games to keep active.

I hope to learn about how to get healthier lifestyle or how to get fit faster.Or maybe do some exciting energetic exercise outside or do more s ports.If you had hope to learn about something related to this what would it be?

What i think about this term is that it's going to be really fun because we might go out and do a lot of running,sports,exercise.also there's cross country coming up to and i'm excited for that too Would you be excited for this?

What's the time