Thursday, 21 June 2018

Reviewing a game pixel Quest

Name of Game: pixel quest
Link to Game:
How do you score/ win: you have to go threw the obstacles to get to the door
Difficulty: 5/10
Fun: 2/10

Description:This game is like a exploring game where you have to get treasure and you have to go through levels to find more.

The 3 things that I like about it is that there is treasure .It's got a dashing move.And he's got a double jump.

Way more levels a bit more moves.Other people that can have different things.

I wouldn't recommend this for a friend because it isn't really cool or fun.

Reviewing jack smith

Name of Game: Jacksmith
Link to Game:
How do you score/ win: ? You have to defeat monsters.
Difficulty: 4/10
Fun: 9/10

Description:What you have to do is make weapons for people so they can defeat monsters also collect loot or stuff for weapons.sometimes if you have enough gems you can buy parts also when you pass a certain amount of levels you can go to a new place.

In jack smith you have to craft weapons for people so they can defeat monsters.If you defeat the monsters there is a chest but use your mouse or keypad to get loot plus if you pass levels you can earn other weapons so you can get more customers, also there is different materials and parts for weapons also I really like the animation.

Maybe if you could level up or improve the weapons with stuff like xp. Maybe you could level up the peoples stats like make the people stronger.

For my friends they really like this game you and your friends like it to so I would recommend it for a friend.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Mario facts

Mario is a character that's been in a lot of games before like donkey Kong but in donkey Kong his original name was jump man but now his name is Mario. This is how he got his name Mario is because one day the jump man makers were thinking of a name then a plumber named Mario came in then it hit them they named jump man Mario. But do you know how Mario looks like a plumber his old real job was being a carpenter if you do not no what carpenter means it mean someone how repair or make wooden walls.

Have you ever wondered how old Mario games are well there were 25 years of main Mario game and Mario is 33 years old.But now he is in a lot of games on phones computers and Nintendo's but loads more now. Another thing now is the graphics are way better so is some of the controls.

These are going to be about the games these facts as I said Mario been in a lot there are lots of different facts like Princess Daisy is princess of Sarasaland .But in some other Mario games there are glitches like invisibility double jumping going super fast and not getting hurt.

 I drew this

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Matariki day

  • On Friday It was matariki day one of the best days to go to school. Because you get to choose out of 4 things to do so what's at the the top you are mostly going to get that what's at the bottom is the least likely you will get it.The four choices were sport Movie making craft cooking I went sport craft movie making then cooking.

  • But I got put in craft I really wanted to be in sports because its super cool.In my group The people that I Know was my cousin lincoln and my little sister.In craft soon we had to paint some rocks.

  • It was time to paint our rocks I did a pattern on my rock.After that rock I got a few more rocks to paint my name on them.After morning tea we made matariki triangles and circles We had to platt the Circle or triangle.Me and lincoln were in a group.

  •  We got a triangle then we platted the it.After We were done platting it was time to go to the hall and finish matariki day.When we got in the hall we had to sit down in our groups.

  • At assembly we had to get out something that we made or they will show a movie of what they did.What I thought of matariki day was that was okay it would be better if I was in sports with more of my friends.But what I liked was that I was with one of my cuzens.