Friday, 25 August 2017

capture the flag

On Tuesday we played capture the flag.These are the rules you will need something to show out of bounds and to split the court.  there are 3 hula hoops on each side 2 hula hoops are jails 1 is the safe zone you will put cones around that hula hoop and you will but 4 flags in it.

both sides must be even.if you are on the other team's side and you go into the safe zone you can not be tagged but you are only allowed in there for 5 seconds. you are only allowed to take one flag at a time to  and you have to take all 4 of their flags then your team wins but if you get tagged you will have to to go to the 1 of the jails.But while you are trying to get there flag someone could get to the jail and free some one by tagging them but they only
one and they get a free walk back to their side.Everybody has got to have a turn And that's how you play.

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Friday, 18 August 2017

How to put a bike helmet on

Check for cracks
take off hair accessories or hairstyles  
loosen it
Put it on your head
make the two straps ys
Make sure you can fit 2 or 3 fingers under your helmet
Tighten the straps

Then make it click

what you will need is a bike helmet shoes no sandals or slippers

check for cracks in the helmet. Take off hair accessories or hairstyles.loosen the helmet.put the helmet on your head. Make the two straps ys. Make sure you can fit 2 fingers under your helmet to your eyebrows.Tighten the straps.Then make it click.