Monday, 18 December 2017

summer learning journey activity 1

The 3 most important facts that i learned from the story about Maui and the Giant Fish was that Maui was a very good fisherman because he showed that he would never give up trying to go with his brothers fishing which made Maui seem like a strong person.
He also made his own strong fishing line made out of flax and his grandmothers jawbone and he made it even stronger because he had said his ancestors karakia which gave it strength.
The last fact that really stood out for me was how when the greedy brothers were fighting and arguing about which parts were theirs that they cut into the fishes flesh and now these cuts help form what now is our mountains and gullies on our country Aotearoa.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Happy summer holidays

Everybody it is the summer holidays and nearly Christmas and I am so exited.I hope everybody has a great holidays Christmas and a happy new year.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

8 times table song lyics

When I was a young boy I didn't know my 8 times then I went to my teacher it was the worst day I ever had then I went and leant my 8 times (8 times) 8 16 then 12 (what!) I suck at this (yep you do) I dont no my 8 times. I don’t know my 8 times,

When I was a young boy I didn't know my times tables then I whent to my teacher it was the worst! day I ever had went and leant my 8 times tables  you gotta learn your 8 times okay when was 8 to 9 started learn my 8 time

Once I was 10 years old  My Teacher  told me, Go home and learn your 8 times tables pleas. Once I was 10 years .8x 8  8 2  =  

we could not finish it.

cyber smart lyrics

This our group
: Benjamin
: Harlyn
: Freedom
: Sione. T

Kawa of Care is about our stuff lock & safe Never tell anybody your passwords email keep your details to yourself done.

we could not finish it

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Hour of code

Today we did hour of code it was rarely fun and cool.I learned how to program stuff.If you want to play it down the bottom there is a link.The game that I played was code monsters and I was playing code combat.