Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Silent Movie The Loins Cage

After watching the silent movie The Loins Cage this was the first time i had ever seen a silent movie like that before especially being in black and white,it was quiet interesting and different you really had to pay close attention and watch what the facials that the people were doing.
The movie was about a man that had by accident walked into a loins cage and then got himself locked in there the loin is asleep so he had to try not wake it while trying to get the attention of a lady to help him then he was trying to impress her also.
I don't really think i would enjoy watching a silent film because i really like watching movies with words and music.


  1. Hi Harlyn,

    Interesting opinion about whether or not you'd watch silent film - I've watched tidbits of silent films featuring Charlie Chaplin a while ago, and it does have music to accompany the antics that happen! Sometimes there are also little bits of text that tell the viewer what the characters say.

    But you've made a really good summary and you've displayed your personal opinion well. Good job!

  2. Hi again Harlyn, its great to see that you've written a summary of what you think the movie, The Lion's Cage will be about. I don't usually watch silent movies either so I am not sure I would enjoy this one. I think I too need words to hold my attention.

    What sort of movies do you usually watch? What are some of your favourites?

    Thanks, Billy