Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The journey to flodorusto

Once upon a time in a enormous desert with no trees or water for miles.There were 2 chickens a donkey bees a bull & a rabbit. They were going to go on an adventure past amazing sights to see.

There was an incredible place called flodorusto an ancient land but first they had have a big drink from the trough so they did.After a few sips they started their journey to the ancient place flodorusto. They started running ultra fast not breaking a sweat & using the sky as a map for their journey.

   As they walked, the sun started to fall as the moon rises & the sky turning from blue to black as the sky guided them to flodorusto. They soon started to get tired so the stars guided them to shelter to rest for the night.wake up said the bull mooing endlessly then all the animals woke up from there slumber furious with the bull then they started to calm down so they started to continue their journey to flodorusto.

But when they thought that everything was going to be okay a gigantic volcano erupted so they started to ran as fast as a cheetah running for their lives.Then flames bursting into ashes lava flowing down the rocks burning anything that's in its way gigantic flaming rocks crashing to the ground making giant craters still unexplainable heat.But they kept running until they were out of breath limbing to escape but in a far distance there was a bridge.

And the bridge leaded strait to flodorusto they just jumped on the bridge as it broke & they just made it to the other side the lava started to turn to coal.They made it to flodorusto but then a giant came then they started to try to push him

over trying as hard as he can then he tripped over the rocks then fell in the lava so they could live in flodorusto & finished their journey….