Thursday, 18 May 2017

Term 2 now that's thinking

Term 2 now that’s thinking

On Monday the first day of term 2 we went to assembly.when we went in the hall for assembly I knew it was going to be an amazing assembly. When we were all quite we started the pr ere after we done the pr ere we watched team ones movie.

Team ones movie was about kites one was made out of bamboo one was made out of a orange bag one was made out of chocolate egg wrapping and one was made out of softened smooth see though material.

Next was team twos movie there one was also about was made out of flax one was made out of paper one was made out of newspaper and one did the planning.

Team threes one was about when Maori first came alive.A brave young man went to go fishing to get some food for his family.He sat down he waited then he caught a fish. He was walking but the village was so far away so he decided to have a rest.But then when he woke it was dark and he had to get back but he could not see anything and the tune fa  was coming but then the brave man though some stones up high in the sky to light his path home then the tune fa got scared then ran away and the brave man walked back to the village.

Now it was team 4.Team 4 teachers were talking about  what they were going to teach their classes for the term. So they started to think Mr Goodwin thought about back to the future then team 4s teachers started to look at some books in the library. Then they were finding out facts like the car wasn't even invented until 1879.Then they thought let's teach our classes about technology changing.

Now its team 5 the last teams video.Team fives video was about bob the builder and fixing things and using stuff that's lying around then we finished assembly.

catching coin challenge

what an experience room 10 just had
outside on the court outside room 9 and 10.when we got outside we formed a giant circle mrs west explained the rules to us then we started to try to catch the coins by putting their hand back on their shoulder then put the coin on your elbow and push your elbow up then catch it when you catch the coin you get another coin  to catch at the same time.

It was really easy  at the start but then i got up to 8 then it got hard I was struggling but then i started to. get better and I got 4  more then I got 12. And my friend’s coins got stolen by some of the kids in my  class.And outside it was like a freezer. when we finished we had a lot of fun.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Smart shoe

We are learning about what this image is and what it does what's it's made out to.The shoe looks big blue grey it's looks really cool to.The shoe looks like it's really fast too.I think it’s made out of rubber plastic wool and string maybe metal. I think it’s made out of these material because how it looks like and what's its use is for

I think this solves a problem of roller skates because this might be much faster and easier to balance.I think there roller skates but faster. You put it on and you push the thing at the front then your start skating then it goes by it but faster.

This product is a smart shoe. The smart shoe is a shoe that you control by your phone.The problem that it solves is your size it can warm up your feet and you do not half to tie your shoes.The smart shoe is used for making walking easier.The smart shoe works from your phone you get the app and you can control your smart shoes.

It's a good idea because it makes walking easier because it tells you where you are.No because it might cost way too much money.If i I could edit the next edition it would be able to stick on walls it makes you jump really high and it charges by itself.

Maori technology

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